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Guaranteed return on secure investments in Ontario real estate

In order to give you the opportunity that fits best with your needs, we have developed three investment options for you to choose from:

Each of these options has unique benefits, and you can choose the one that gives you the best results based on what you are looking for from your investment.  Our investment calculator can help you decide between them.

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Option 1:  Simple Interest

A promissory note is issued to guarantee your real estate investment

In our Simple Interest plan, simply choose the amount you wish to invest, and we will give you a one-year guaranteed rate of interest.  At the end of each investment year, we may also offer you an additional premium rate to renew your investment with us.  Our Simple Interest rates table shows you the amount of interest you will make per year, in addition to your initial investment capital which is also returned to you on maturity.

The more you put in, the higher the rate that we can offer you on your money.  So the larger your investment, the more profitable it will be for you.

The Simple Interest plan gives you a secure, guaranteed-rate investment with a great payout at the end of the investment term.  Your money is backed by our entire portfolio of investment properties.

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...or use our online investment calculator to help you choose the perfect investment for your needs.

Option 2:  Income Generation

If you want to have steady income generated from your investment, this option is for you.  It gives you the advantage of receiving a monthly interest cheque from us.  Our Income Generation rates table shows you the amount of your monthly payment, based on your investment size and term.

At the end of your investment term, you’ll get the entire amount of your principle back, and you’ve made income all the while.  You can also choose to renew your investment at that time, and keep on receiving monthly income — we may even offer you a premium rate for renewing with us.

The Income Generation plan gives you a monthly paycheck — without you having to do any work.  Our rates are much higher than you would get from a bank or other financial institution, and unlike a mutual fund, the rates are guaranteed.

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...or use our online investment calculator to help you decide how you would like to invest.

Option 3:  Partnership

Partner with us on a real estate property for maximum profits

If you want to own an investment property — and reap the rewards of working with a professional real estate investment team — then we also offer you the option of partnering with us on a specific property.

You will share in the risks and rewards of property ownership, with a higher potential profit than either of the above two investment options.  There is no guarantee of a specific percent return on your investment, but you have the potential to make much more money.  Your investment principle will give you a percentage of ownership in the property.

Because of our ability to leverage money, if you invest 25% of the purchase price of a property, we will give you a 50% share in its ownership.  That means that when the house is sold, you will receive a cheque for the amount of your investment plus 50% of the profits from the sale.

We can do this because the property itself generates income.  So your investment only needs to help us cover the downpayment, the costs of upgrades and repairs, legal fees and other startup expenses before the property starts to bring in positive cashflow.

We will take care of all of the practical details of acquiring, upgrading, and selling or renting the property.  There is nothing you have to do!  Our experience in generating profits from real estate investments — regardless of market conditions — makes this a low-risk and high-return investment that will result in exceptional profits for both of us.

If you prefer a smaller share of ownership than 50%, we can accommodate that too:

Percent of purchase
price invested
  Percent ownership
in property
10%   20%
15%   30%
20%   40%
25%   50%

Depending on the type of property you partner on, and whether we sell, rent or lease it out, you can receive regular income or a lump sum return from your investment.

Your percentage of the profits will be equal to your percentage ownership...

...and the rewards can be tremendous.

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1 Percent ownership is based on a $250,000 property value; actual percentage will vary according to purchase price.  Maximum 50% partnership in any one property — percentages higher than 50% will be split between multiple properties.

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